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We make getting O-Rings easy! Buy Millions of AS-568 and Metric O-Rings Online.

The O-Ring Store LLC offers the seal industry's best selection of stock o-rings, West and East of the Mississippi. An extensive stock of compounds and durometers in standard AS-568, JIS, and ISO 3601 O-Ring sizes. In addition to the millions of O-Rings in stock, The O-Ring Store LLC has strategic worldwide factory partners to provide any size in large or small quantities.

Why O-Rings from The O-Ring Store LLC?

  • It's What We Do.
  • Millions of O-Rings and seals available for same day shipping supplemented by strategic worldwide factories.
  • Custom Size or Specialty Materials: Custom size O-Rings, Washers, Square Rings, and X-Rings in almost every material.
  • RoHS / Reach Compliant, Conflict Minerals Compliant
  • Live Customer Service: Email, chat or call in, communicate directly with our dedicated team of experienced professionals.
  • Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Distributor
  • OSK™ O-Ring Service Kits: Designed to bring ease and selection in Repair kits and assortments.
  • Spliced & Vulcanized O-Rings: Custom O-Rings any Dimension from 5" ID and up.